Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pear Study with Lemon

Pear Study with Lemon
5" x 7"
Acrylic Paint on Ampersand Aquabord
Available for Purchase

This is the study I did while working on a larger Pear commissioned painting.  

Pear Study with Lemon was painted using professional artist grade acrylic paint on a museum quality gallery Ampersand Aquabord. Painting can be placed in a small frame and also be placed on a small easel for display.

This painting is currently available for purchase for $59.00.  You can purchase from my store.

I have started working on the larger canvas as I had planned....going bigger with my painting-- it is sketched out, but no paint on the canvas yet. Hopefully, I will begin working on it soon.  It is going to be a West Texas landscape.

I took an Ink class this past week, it was quite fascinating. You just might see some small abstract ink studies in the near future~

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

So long September ~


The Paintings of September

Thirty paintings in thirty days in September, well more like about 14!  ~30 Paintings in 30 Days with Leslie Saeta. 

I love participating in the 30-day challenges, it makes me crazy that I can't keep up, maybe one day when I don't have a "real job" I will have time to do what I love!  PAINT!

Now for the really big news, really big....  I have mainly painted 6" x  6" paintings with a few large pieces thrown in here and there.  Now its time for a change!  I have stocked up on large canvas 16" x 20" up to 30" x 40", so now the fun really begins~  These large paintings will be offered for sale at, as soon as they are created!  I will post pictures as soon as they are completed and maybe even some progress photos. Wish me luck on my "Big" adventure~    Don't worry, there will still be small affordable paintings available in my online stores. I will paint them in between being inspired to paint big~

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