Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Paintings!

New Paintings Available

Bosc Pear

Red Martini

California Poppies III

These paintings will be listed for auction on eBay tonight. I have a small (8" x 10") oil painting of a red wine bottle and wine glass that is half finished. It will be listed soon. I have a ton of cleaning I have neglected to do around the house, so that will keep me busy for a while. Next up will be Low Country watercolors and watercolors of the Tall Ships Festival from Charleston.

The Cheap Joe's Sale was wonderful! That is where I bought the great green oil color that I used on the Bosc Pear Painting. I also picked up a 36" x 60" canvas--it was on sale, I had to---I also had to leave it in Charlotte because it did not fit in the car.....It will be coming home soon.

Well, off to Gaffney. I promised to help Bobbie pick out a rug.

Check back again soon. I am going to update my blog with links to Paypal if you would like to purchase paintings directly from my blog.

Have a wonderful day!


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