Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spam Martini~~ My entry in the Spam and Trout Show

Spam Martini

8" x 10" Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


This is my entry into the "Spam and Trout Show" at . I had not planned on entering, but then the idea popped into my head and I put in on canvas. Check out the show, this is a fun one!

If you are interested in purchasing my Spam Martini, it will be available for sale only at at the link above. If I put it on other websites away from the show, people may think I have gone a bit "nuts" with the martini art.

I have also started a small landscape for the "Queen Anne's Lace Show", I hope I get it finished in time. The need for "home repairs" is taking over. Courtney came home to visit this weekend and immediately noticed the cover over the back porch was did I miss that.... I guess that means ~~ladder, nails, hammer, caulking gun, paint, Ben gay, bed rest, Advil~~I should knock it out in about a week! HA!!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the Spam Martini and check back again soon!


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