Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two New Paintings!


The days are getting shorter, the leaves have fallen from the trees, the sun has given way to cloudy and gloomy. The morning paper is laying in a bed of frost. The birds have gone south to live at the beach. Winter is here. This is a small painting of the color of winter. A mixture of blue, turquoise, and yellow create an abstract winter sky with an empty bird nest remaining in a tree with bare limbs.


I have been planning to paint cups of coffee for some time. I might even branch out to tea with lemon. I am a fan of red, so I had to use a background of red for my first coffee painting. Please enjoy viewing my cup of Joe.

New paintings are also available for purchase in my Etsy.com store.

I still have not finished my President-elect Obama painting. I am soooo running out of time! I might have to give up and paint something else political.

Well off to dinner, Courtney is home and the girls cooked....we are having sandwiches. Then off to the studio to paint!


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