Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two New Paintings~ A Pear and a Martini

Martinis and Fire
5" x 7"
Oil on Canvas Panel

Yes, this one is a little different. I guess I still have a lot of emotion coming out in my painting. I love the way this one turned out. I guess emotional upheaval is good for something. This painting is currently available or purchase in my Online Gallery at and in my Etsy. com store.

Golden Pear on Blue
6" x 6"
Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
~ Sold ~

I bought this really expensive shade of blue paint. Manganese Blue was worth every penny. I love to the wonderful shade! You will be seeing a lot of it! This painting is currently available for purchase in my Online gallery and in my store.

I am slowly getting caught up with everything since my trip home. It is so nice to be painting again.

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3 comments: said...

I like the color blend in this pear, Torrie.

r garriott said...

Great colors!

Bei Tesori Boutique's Blog said...

I LOVE this painting and the rest of your work. Beautiful and thoughtful. You're very talented. I'll be sure to check back from time to time to see your latest works of art. Stunning.