Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When I wasn't looking ~ I got old!

The Wright Boat
30" x 48"
Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Just a short note to explain where I have been. It has been weeks since my last post and my last small painting.

The morning after my last blog post, I went to visit my doctor who informed me she was mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. She said denying I had high blood pressure was not going to make it go away, it wasn't just high that day, it was high all the time. So, I did what she said and spent some time in the hospital getting my blood pressure under control and letting her run all the stress tests and lab work she wanted. I must say I do feel better knowing that my foolishness in not taking care of myself did no permanent damage, but I was going to have to grow up and act my age when it comes to taking care of myself. So, I am now taking medication, eating right, and exercising regularly ~ and when I am not totally exhausted or craving a cupcake, I try to paint.

Now, on to bigger and better! I just finished a very large painting that was commissioned by my web designer, Seth Wright, who is currently working on my new website.

I am in the middle of two commissions, a large (18" x 24") pear painting and rooster painting. These are two of my favorite things to paint, so this should be fun.

I have so many new paintings swarming around in my head from the long break, I can't wait to get them all on canvas. The next small painting soon to be finished and added to the stores is a small (5" x 7") pomegranate painting.

The weather is cooling off and the leaves are beginning to change, maybe it is time to get outside and paint~


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