Saturday, February 04, 2012

Tornado V

Tornado V
5" x 7"
Acrylic Paint on Ampersand Claybord

Continuing in the Tornado series~ This one is my favorite so far.

Tornado IV was painted using professional artist grade acrylic paint on Ampersand Claybord. Painting was finished with a light coat of varnish. This painting can be slipped into a frame or placed on a small easel.

This painting has sold.

My tornado experience:

Thursday, May 12, 1994, I was driving home. I had never seen the sky that color of green before. First it was rain, huge drops. Then the hail started, initially it was small then suddenly baseball size. I was only a mile from home and determined to get there. I soon had to pull over when the car was sliding on the large hail. I was listening to KEAN radio and the siren came over the radio and Rudy Fernandez said there was a tornado on the ground one mile outside of Snyder, Texas. That is exactly where I was in my car. I immediately crouched down as far as I could in the car. The noise from the hail and the wind was so loud and the car was rocking. As soon as the car became still and the hail stopped, I sat up. You could see the damage and debris everywhere. I drove my poor battered car the short mile home. My new car was totaled, but I was fine. I still don't like to hear ran falling on the car. As much as I love storms, I like to be home when they are around.

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Now off, to paint more tornados,

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