Thursday, April 05, 2007

The floating green mist!


Spring has come early to Shelby, North Carolina. The trees and flowers have never been prettier. The green pollen that covers everything and hangs in the air in the spring is particularly heavy this year. I can usually hold my own with the floating green mist, leave the windows open for fresh breezes, and plant pink flowers everywhere, but this year I have fallen victim to the plague of the city......sinus disease! It has slowed me down.....but I will not stop....well, maybe just for a while. I will be going to Cheap Joe's tomorrow. They have opened a store in Charlotte and that is where I plan to spend all my money!! Now instead of an all day trip to Boone for art is a 45 minute drive!! I have a commission to paint some pears and I have a request for larger magnolias and I have started a windmill painting. New art is on the way, if I can just keep breathing.

Check out the art show for Wild Birds on I have entered a watercolor "Big Bird".

Enjoy your Easter. I plan on spending mine painting, enjoying my children, playing with the dogs, and taking Benadryl.

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