Monday, April 23, 2007

Pear Reflections

Pear Reflections
This is the newest painting to be added to the eBay store. I am slowly getting back in the routine. It has been a long couple of weeks. There are still more tests to run and doctors to see, but I am almost back to my old cranky self. Now, I have tons and tons of things to catch up on. The weather is wonderful. The hammock is being used on a regular basis. The flowers that died in the last freeze will soon be replaced.

I plan on starting oil landscapes today. If they turn out well you will be seeing them soon on eBay. They are small study size 6 x 6 canvas panels. I am very excited.

I also plan to do small pastel paintings this summer. Little paintings to do while hanging out in the backyard until it gets dark. This is going to be a wonderful summer!

Well, time to run. Too much to do, too little time.

Have a wonderful day!


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Courtney said...

the new painting looks great! love it! hopefully i will see it when i get home, but i'm sure it will sell before then. i love you! can't wait to see you soon :D