Monday, May 21, 2007

Charleston, South Carolina

Tall Ships Festival

I have fallen in love with Charleston. This was my first visit and I went to the Tall Ships Festival. The boats were wonderful. We ate way too much food at the Noisy Oyster ---the desert was worth every calorie!! If dreams came true, I would live in one of the beautifully restored buildings downtown above my own Gallery and Studio. But, I will have to settle for now with my cozy little home studio and a hospital day job.
Charleston is only a quick 3+ hour trip from Shelby. I plan on going again --off season, so I won't have to fight the crowds and really visit, and take tons of pictures, and do a lot of sketching.
I had Courtney help me with the picture taking, and I am now waiting for her to download my 80+ pictures. I will probably be doing watercolor nautical art by the summer.
But for now-- back to the real world and what is currently on the easel:
A wine painting of red wine (Chianti) 11 x 14
Also, a new version of the award winning Big Bird painting....this time bigger and in acrylic.
I am also getting ready for an Art Competition in June.
Well, I had better much to do, so little time.
Thanks for checking in.

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