Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tuscan Sun

Tuscan Sun

New for eBay! It will be listed Tuesday. Tuscan Sun is an oil painting on 6 x 6 canvas panel.

I am going to Chapel Hill to spend some time with the baby before she comes home from school. We are going to the "Bodies" exhibit Monday. I cannot wait.

Currently on the canvas is the most abstract/impressionist knife painting I have ever done. If it turns out well, it will be "Rocks at Lake Lure" 16 x 20 canvas. Hopefully, what is in my head will make it to the canvas. Drawn and ready to paint is a 16 x 20 "Strawberry Martini" for the 2007 Martini Series.

Well, off to go pack.


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Courtney said...


and you will be here in approx 2 hours!

I'm SOOOOO excited!