Friday, August 17, 2007

Big News at

More White Wine

More White Wine 8 x 10

Big News!

I will be in the featured showcase front page on Saturday. I am so excited. This is great exposure! Wish me luck! Traffic has picked up on also.

I have had a request for more martini art, so there is more on the way. I have not painted new pears in a while, so that will probably be next. I will be sketching the new watercolor commission this weekend and another small Tar Heel painting is in the studio. So much to do--

The baby is officially settling in at Chapel Hill. I will be checking out the new dorm soon--the one with purple doors and green furniture---we didn't have cool rooms back when I was in college, but of course the dinosaurs were still in the way!

Well, off to work.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon.


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