Friday, August 24, 2007

New Watercolor Series

Low Country One

So many ideas, so little time. This is the first of what will be a series of small watercolors. They will all be 5" x 7" of varying watercolor papers from 140 - 300 lb, both hot and cold press. I will be painting my favorite things in watercolor which will include: A variety of landscapes, but quite a few of the low country of South Carolina. I will also be doing pears, martinis, and wine art and possibly throw in a few cowboys. These will all be listed on eBay for auction starting at 99 cents as soon as they are finished.

I will be painting larger works using acrylic on canvas as always with a few small oil paintings in between.

Remember, auction paintings are listed on eBay only. Paintings in my eBay store are also sold in my store, so if you are watching a painting in my eBay store and it disappears, it was probably sold at other websites or in the local gallery here in Shelby.

Links to the stores:


Thanks to all my collectors!

Check back again soon. I will be painting this weekend!


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