Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New to Squidoo

Lost Marbles Series Seven

So many websites, so little time. I have a new "lens" at www.Squidoo.com I really do like this site. It gives links to current paintings on eBay of mine and some of my favorite artists too. There is also a spot for blog updates and other fun stuff. I will continue to blog and you can also visit my new Squidoo site:


I am almost done with the portrait of Nik and Murphy. It should be done on time for the portrait swap on www.ebsqart.com but just barely. I hope she likes it. She did a wonderful job on my portrait with my two girls in the background. I love it!

I am almost recovered from my cold and I did manage to spread it to at least one other person...even though I stayed in, Courtney's friend visited over the Thanksgiving Holiday and she did catch it. Sorry Lindsay.

We had a wonderful fun and food-filled Thanksgiving Holiday. I should have just enough time to lose the Thanksgiving pounds before Christmas.

New artwork on the way....something new and different, to be listed in December.

Thanks for stopping by.


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