Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have been tagged by Kari Tirrell~~

8” x 10”
Soft Pastels on Suede Matboard


I just got tagged by Kari Tirrell.

Here are the rules:

1. Place a link to the person that tagged you.

2. List seven unusual things about yourself.

3. Tag (and link to) seven other artists at the end of your post, and post on their blogs to let them know they have been tagged.

This took a lot of thought, and then I cheated--- I asked my daughter, Miranda, to help me. It seems, in her opinion, there are a lot of unusual things about me. When her sister, Courtney, sees this post I am sure she will have her own list.

Well, here goes:

1. I am a shameless Diet Coke-a-holic. Got to have it! I didn't even drink water until July, when I went on a diet and now I have to drink 64 ounces of water a day....yuck! I still manage to drink too much Diet Coke along with the water. ~~ I have lost 45 pounds so far, 20 more to go. I don't want to be fat and fifty....I have until June 2009!

2. I paint because Oprah told me to--I am not a rabid Oprah fan, I catch episodes when I can, especially when Dr. Oz is on~I have a small crush. No really, one day around 2000, she had a show about having passion and following your dream. I thought, yeah right--I am a single mother with two teenage girls, I don't have time for passion or hobbies. I was beginning to think about painting again, she even said something about doing what you think is impossible-only a dream- and give it a shot. Well, of course I ignored it. A year or two later, there was an artist in town giving a lecture at the Arts Council. It was free so I thought I would just check it out. I attended and she said she had recently started painting again after a long absence, focusing earlier on photography, because Oprah had told her to. I'm sorry, but I thought that was a sign. HA! Well, the rest is history.

3. I sometimes sleep with my eyes open. Doesn't everyone. I think it comes with having two daughters.

4. I organize my colored plastic hangers in the laundry room by color going from light to dark, left to right. No, I don't have just looks better. Just in case I have a massive amount of traffic flowing through the laundry room, I want it to look nice.

5. In 1977, I performed in the Macy's Day Parade in New York City. I was a Cisco Junior College Wrangler Bell, Cisco Texas. There is video footage of it somewhere.

6. I am addicted to the Internet and an information junky. I work at home as a medical transcriptionist (real job) and I keep the TV on in the background with various cable news shows on-- I rotate the different channels to get a variety of slants on the same news. I love being able to google whatever and get immediate answers and information. My girls often say, "I wonder"... and that sets me off....I google it.

7. I don't consider myself an artist and couldn't tell you anything about painting. I am primarily self taught and originally got most of my information from books at the local library until I read all of them and started buying art magazines and more books.

Well, that is about it.....I am saving the good stuff for Courtney when she writes her first book. (She is an English major at UNC Chapel Hill.) I am sure she will write about how funny and fabulous I am.....and I paint pictures too. : )

Thanks Kari for tagging me...I am your biggest fan.

Here are the artists that I plan on tagging, they are all fabulous! It may take them a while, or they may not want to play, and that's okay, too. But, take the time to check their blogs ~ you will not be disappointed, they are all wonderful artists with great talent!

Thanks for stopping by, there will be more new paintings soon. My President-elect Obama painting was a disaster.....I will be trying again for the EBSQart show this month. Running out of time!



courtney said...

just a little information here.
you are ocd.
love you mom.

Kari Tirrell said...

Thanks for playing, Torrie! I love reading these things.

Hey, I was in the Macy's parade, too! But it would have been in 1981, I think. Darn, I could have used that one myself! lol

Congrats on the weight loss. You will be a Fabulous Fifty!

Staci Rose said...

Thanks, Torrie! My friends are coming up with quirks very quickly...which is a little alarming. ;)

Pat Burns said...

Yes, Torrie, we DO have a lot in common ... artists are all a little squirrelly and better for it! Love your blog and keep coming back to "investigate" deeper.

Bronwyn, said...

If you gave up the Diet Coke altogether you'd lose that 20 pounds so fast! Perhaps you'd like your water better if you filtered it, & added a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to each glass?

I love Oprah too, she is inspirational.

You may be a tad obsessive compulsive, but if it's not interfering with your lifestyle & happiness it can't be too bad. I used to match up pegs when I was pegging the washing (laundry) out at the clothesline, but I stopped myself just in case I was starting "on the long downhill path". :-)

I love to Google too. Anytime anything interests me, I just Google it & find out more. I love being able to find images of (almost) anything, with Google. This is a fantastic resource for we artists.

My dear, you are definitely an artist!