Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Audrey Grace Wood

Audrey Grace Wood
Born 11/21/09
3 lb, 1 ounce -- 16 inches long

To my friends who follow my blog and my work, I have been taking some time away from painting. Due to complications of pregnancy, my daughter Miranda, gave birth to my first grandchild earlier than expected. Audrey Grace Wood was born 10 weeks early. She is doing very well in the NICU and continuing to improve everyday, breathing on her own, sucking on her pacifier, and giving the nurses a hard time about taking a bath. We are very fortunate and blessed she is doing so well.
Miranda continues to struggle to improve. Her blood pressure remains high, but her pneumonia has improved. She has yet to see her baby girl because of infectious precaution isolation in the hospital. Hopefully, she will get to hold her soon. I am amazed at her strength and very proud of her. Dustin has been taking pictures and videos of the baby for Miranda to watch. He has been taking care of the pets, the house, trying to work, and spend time with Audrey since her mother cannot be there. He is a very special young man.
Miranda, Dustin, and Audrey will take up residence at the hospital in Asheville until it is time to bring Audrey home.

Thanks to everyone for your kindness throughout this difficult time.



Maria Soto Robbins said...

Hi Torrie,
I too had a preemie many years ago and since I had a mysterious fever, was unable to hold my baby for 3 weeks after delivering! It was a very difficult time for me. I can only imagine what you must be going through. My prayers are with you all. I'm sure things will get back to "normal" soon. Have faith & Happy Thanksgiving!

LSaeta said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with your daughter and her new baby girl! I am sure everything will be ok and we will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Gwen Bell said...

What a precious little angel. Those Preemies have a way of making up for lost time. They are real fighters!
Sending my prayers that everything goes well with your daughter and her new baby girl.

Jenpainting - Jennifer Morrison said...

She's so beautiful and precious! What a little darling! My prayers are with you!