Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Gold Pear III, new pear painting~

The Gold Pear III
5" x 7"
Oil on Canvas Panel

This is my first pear painting in my new studio. I am not used to having so much room and the sunlight is wonderful. We will have to make some changes with the lighting in the room to paint in the evening. I want to add the recessed lighting that is in the rest of the house and then add track lighting to spotlight my work areas. That will be fun. This painting is available for purchase by using the Paypal button above or from my store or my Online Gallery with

I am also working on commissioned paintings. The Lemons and Red Bowl should be finished by tomorrow. I have also started a still life featuring the silver teapot I picked up at Goodwill last year.

Well, it is getting late, I have to get up early and paint!

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