Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting back to Work!

I have been away just a short while, but it seems like forever! Preparations for Wedding #1 ~ the shower and house full of family took a while. We had a wonderful time...just weeks to go before the wedding. Then a bit of down time before Wedding #2 in September. Here are a few things that happened while I was playing Mother of the Bride~

Dale loved his painting and it is hanging in his office in Kansas. I love creating special paintings for customers....I get crazy trying to get everything perfect, but the pictures the client sends me of the painting in its new home is fabulous~

Red Cherries has moved away to its new home in New York~

Flow Blue and Pomegranate, one of my favorite paintings, found a home with a Flow Blue collector in Michigan.

Prints of the following pear paintings sold in my store to a collector in Utah~

The Pear Chronicles 02

The Pear Chronicles 03

The Pear Chronicles 05

The Pear Chronicles 07

Getting back to the studio~ I have so many paintings floating around in my head that need to be on canvas before I forget them. new challenge sounds like fun and I have just the perfect model for the painting~ my dog Rudy. Watch for that painting coming soon!

Now time to get to work!

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