Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Watercolors and Big Bird 2007

More Big Bird - 2007!

It seems that "look" is hypnotic and saying "take my I'm yours". There has been quite a response to Big Bird, so there will be another....sometime soon. I will post the painting in stages--I always do the eyes first, so you can see the expression take shape.

Watercolor Pear Series Eight

Watercolor Pear Series Nine

These two pears are my absolute favorites so far of the series. I still cannot get a picture of the paintings that I am happy with, they are much prettier and softer in person.

Lost Marbles Series Three

Lost Marbles Series Four

I am still painting Marbles. I have one more drawn but not painted.

Watercolor paintings are available for purchase at:


Currently on the easel and almost finished is another martini painting - 16" x 20" on gallery wrapped canvas. Hopefully to be finished and listed for sale by the weekend.

I have yet to start the boat painting currently titled, Dad's Old Red Boat. It is drawn on a small 8" x 10" canvas panel - but still waiting for paint. I am still pondering ---acrylic or oil?

I have not given up the Low Country art, I am just taking a short break, catching up on requests.

I will be "painting live" at the Cleveland County Fair Art Exhibit, Sunday, September 30, 2007. You may see works from the fair available for sale in early October - complete with Fair dust and funnel cake grease.

Well, I had better get busy. Thanks for stopping by!


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