Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pear with Strawberries, New Painting

Finally a new painting!
Pear with Strawberries
6" x 6" Acrylic on Canvas

I have finally made it back to the Studio to paint, so I started with something small. The website is up and running, eventhough Courtney does not like it. Courtney was home this weekend from Chapel Hill. She came home to pick up birthday presents and eat cake. She is turning 20---I am getting old!

I do plan on participating in the eBay boycott, my store will be closing February 14, 2008. This painting is available for purchase directly from me by clicking on the link at the title, or you can purchase from or There are links to all my stores at

I will be painting more Martinis this week. I have been out of the studio for so long, there is so much to do.

Thanks for stopping by.


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