Sunday, November 04, 2012

Where the hell have I been~


I think I'm back.....

I had been suffering with cold/allergy symptoms for weeks.  Finally, after trying everything in the drug store, I saw my physician for what had turned into bronchitis/asthma.  I was given a steroid shot and a Medrol Dosepak of steroid to follow which cleared up the coughing and sinus.  Then all hell broke loose.

It seems I developed steroid psychosis which basically means I went nuts!  After a brief stay in the hospital and brain scans to make sure the drugs had not fried my brain, I am slowly getting back to "me" (you notice I did not say normal HA!).  I continue to improve daily on what should take a few weeks to fully recover.  If I had known there was even a remote chance this could occur, I would have never taken the medication.

I have repeatedly asked my family, "did you not notice I was crazy~ why didn't you say something".  They said they tried and I was too mean.  For the record, Kevin is a saint and the love of my life.  Putting up with me when I am at my best can be difficult, and he managed when I was not a very nice person.  It was sweet when he told the doctor something is wrong, she doesn't paint.  He knows the "real me" would paint in my sleep if I could.  

Today, I am getting back to painting.  I will be painting all week and will be posting new paintings in the stores by the weekend.  I am working on a large commissioned piece I am anxious to finish.

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