Sunday, May 05, 2013




Today we were asked to make a collage of some of our paintings currently available for purchase.  I selected my pear paintings for a very special reason.  It all started with pears.  About ten years ago, I decided to follow my dream of being a painter.  I started painting pears.  Pears in all shapes and colors~ loose and impressionistic, sometimes more realistic, but always colorful!  Whenever I am away from painting for any length of time or lose my inspiration to paint, I paint a pear.  It sparks my energy and gets me back into the artistic groove.  For this reason, there will always be pears.  Short fat ones, tall skinny ones, but always colorful!  ~ Interestingly, I don't eat pears...I think they taste bad~  HA!

These paintings are all available for purchase and can be found at my Website gallery or my store.

Tomorrow is another painting day~  I will be painting grapes, lemons, limes.....and maybe a pear!

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