Monday, December 17, 2007

Lemons and Blue Bowl Available on Etsy and eBay

Lemons and Blue Bowl

Available for purchase at:

I am exhausted!! Courtney is home and there is something going on all the time. I am having trouble finding time to paint. There is so much laundry! The cooking and the cleaning that I can usually avoid is definitely here for the holidays! Miranda has been taking over my art room....she gets into my stuff!!! Sure, she was in the Fine Arts Program at UNC....but it is MY STUDIO---well now, that's off my chest, I feel better now.
This is my newest painting and I am quite proud of it. I had a collector in Finland ask me to paint more I did! I bought a big bag of lemons and got busy. Ideas of what to paint for me is the hardest thing. Thanks Sari for the suggestion....I hope you enjoy the series of lemon paintings to come.
Lemons and Blue Bowl is available for purchase in my eBay store,, and
Tonight I have to finish the family Christmas cards, tomorrow we are making the gingerbread house. Hopefully, I can sneak painting in here and there...
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