Monday, December 10, 2007

The Pears, New painting listed on eBay

The Pears

"The Pears" will be listed for auction on eBay today with a starting big of $29.99. This painting was done using the same muted gray-green tones in the background as was used for the Flow Blue paintings. I bought an new Flow Blue pitcher today. I will be using it another Flow Blue painting, hopefully starting it tonight. I will be doing a larger painting using these Flow Blue pieces in group together. Probably starting it by the end of the week.
Well, off to the post office. I am sending the portrait swap painting to Austria today. I hope Nic and Murphy like their new painting.
Thanks for checking in.
Link to all that is Torrie Smiley, Original Works of Art at


Courtney said...

Hey Mom!
I love the new pears :D Did you sell that doll you sent in the email? If so, congrats!!! I miss you! See you Friday - can't wait! Tell Uncle Chris to come up here and take my Geol exam - this professor is impossible :(

I love you!

Anonymous said...

also, did you sell the boat painting - if so, will you paint me a new one before i graduate college - i want one in my first apartment.. i want a nautical themed bathroom :)

so, again i procrastinated and looked through the blog - everything looks great :)