Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Lemons with Blue Bowl II

Lemons with Blue Bowl II

Back by very popular demand. Lemons with Blue Bowl sold very quickly and many did not have a chance to purchase. I have painted Lemons with Blue Bowl II and it is currently on auction at eBay.com--The link is above.
Thanks to everyone who has sent notes regarding this series of lemon paintings.
I am trying to get back into the groove now that the Holidays are over. Up next! Pears with Red Bowl. I will be working on it tonight after I feed everyone Pork chops and Black-eyed-peas for the New Year.
Happy New Year to everyone.

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Salmagundi said...

Dear Torrie,
I like all your work very much, so much that it is hard to say which is my favourite; just slightly disappointed that I can't send an e-mail to a friend showing your hillarious Ostrich full size; I will have to wait until he visits, and then show it to him 'on screen'.