Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Swan ~

The Swan
5" x 7"
Oil on Canvas Panel

This is the newest in the series of Ballet-themed paintings I have been doing. This is Courtney's favorite. After almost 400 paintings, she has picked a favorite. The Swan is currently available for purchase in my EBSQart Online Gallery and in my store. This concludes the ballerina paintings for a while. I have more I plan to do, but I will be concentrating on commissioned pieces for a while.

Almost complete and will be probably finished by tomorrow is the Red Sugar Bowl painting. I am also continuing with the large poppy landscape painting. I will be starting a new series of pears that have been commissioned.

I have several "Tar Heel Basketball" ideas swirling in my head that I am dying to get on canvas. After previous commitments...those will be next!

Thanks to everyone who has been so kind to comment on my blog~I appreciate you all so seem to instinctively know when I need a "lift"~

Now, off to work.....Happy Superbowl Sunday! (I will be watching the commercials!)


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