Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cheap Joe's Grand Opening

I had the best day! Spent way too much money, but it was wonderful. I am in love with Cheap Joe. Go to and you will be in love with him too. I met him today in Charlotte. He is talented, charming, handsome, and best of all.....his canvas was on sale.

The grand opening of the retail outlet in Charlotte appeared to be a big hit. I arrived when the doors opened to get the best selection and the place filled up fast. I spent only an hour there, but it was quality time. I could have stayed all day, but I didn't trust myself to not spend more money. There were artists there painting and drawing, and a gentleman with a wok....melting something and putting it on canvas. He had drawn a crowd and I did not get close enough to get the details, but the work was beautiful. My studio is now packed full with my purchases and I have to get busy spreading paint on all the new canvas.

Word of not shop for pastels wearing white. The pastel aisle is the best. Rows and rows of single stick pastels. The colors are amazing and best of can touch them. I have plenty of pastels, but there were some colors that screamed "take me home" so I did. I showed them proudly to my daughter, Miranda, who looked at my beautiful flesh tones and pinks and said---"going to work on portraits mom".

There was so much I left behind in the store that I could use to create wonderful art. --But, I can find my way back and Charlotte is much closer than Boone.

Tomorrow will be filled with fun in the studio....the dirty house and laundry can wait one more day.

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