Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pears and Grapes, Three Olive Martini, Etsy, etc..

New Art
Three Olive Martini - II
Available for purchase at my eBay store:

Pears and Grapes
Available for purchase at my eBay store:
These are the two new paintings listed on eBay. Please check them out. I have joined another artist website. You can find it at The art will be the same as listed on eBay, (I can only paint so fast), but it will be just another site for my work to be found and purchased. Check it out, you may find other artists using that website that would like to collect.
I am staying busy with painting, working, and the other real-life daily stuff. I have painted my last Martini for a while. There has been several requests for more Martinis but I am ready to paint something different. I also have some commissions to do. The commissions are in watercolor, so I will have to re-tool the studio for watercolor.
I am going to try to start plein air painting once a week....I may end up twice a month, but I will let you know. The weather is great and it will be fun to paint outside. I plan on doing quite a bit of outdoor landscape painting in the fall and take advantage of the trees changing color. I am lucky enough to live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I should take advantage of that.
Well, I had better get to the studio. I have been on the computer all day.
Thanks for stopping by.

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