Monday, May 03, 2010

Mystery Artist Show and Sale

The Mystery Artist Show and Sale
Torrie Smiley

The Family
Kevin, Audrey Grace, and Dustin

The Gallery

All the paintings in the show were 5" x 7"


The Mystery Artist Show and Sale in Shelby, North Carolina was so much fun. I love participating in the event and will be there again next year.

I spent the weekend in Chapel Hill, NC visiting with Courtney and wandering around taking pictures. I take my camera everywhere and take reference photos for future paintings. There will be some fun ones coming up soon.

Today, I will be finishing my last commission that should have been done several months ago, then I will be finishing paintings that have been on the easel for a while. Ballerinas, pears, flowers~

Have a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by~


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