Monday, December 01, 2008

Cherries and Shadows ~~Sold~

Cherries and Shadows
5" x 7" Oil on Canvas Panel

This is the newest painting. The weather has been quite rainy and I take my photographs outside in natural light, so I had to wait for a clear day. This painting is currently available for purchase in my EBSQart Gallery and in my store. It will soon be listed in my eBay store.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, I know we did as evidenced by my five pound weight gain. Now, back to the diet with no lemon or pecan pie! It was nice to have the girls home laughing, playing on the computer, and shopping. I will need to get the electrical outlet fixed in the living room. It seems when you overload it with guitar hero, two laptops, the ceiling fan, every light in the living room on, and a space heater all plugged into the same outlet using an adapter and an extension cord, the smell of melting plastic brings all fun to an end.
~~Not to mention a screaming women with paint brushes in her hand exclaiming, "can't you smell that"......Miranda's allergies were acting up and Courtney had a cold, they could smell nothing and the dogs evidently haven't learn to bark FIRE yet.

I will be finishing the weekly painting challenge for this week today. Hopefully, the weather will stay good and I will be able to get a picture of it tomorrow and turned in on time! After that, there is so much I want to do~~more lemon paintings are on the way along with more small oil paintings. I did miss the political art show at, but I am still going to finish the President-elect Obama painting and enter it in the Better Late than Never show this month.

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2 comments: said...

Execellent little cherries. Don't let that bird see them.

Bronwyn, said...

This cherry painting is luscious perfection, and you didn't put a high enough price on it, tsk tsk! :-)