Saturday, December 06, 2008

Egg Reflections ~ New Painting today!

Egg Reflections
5" x 7" Oil on Canvas Panel

This is the newest in my series of small oil paintings. Egg Reflections is a simple composition of something you see everyday. I am hoping I caught it in a new light and made it a bit interesting.

It was so much fun being selected as "Art of the Day" yesterday. Thank you everyone for your nice notes and comments of congratulations. It was so much better than a birthday!

I had planned to get up really early this morning and get so much accomplished with my day....that was a really good plan, but instead I spent a lazy morning snuggling with my Stella and doing nothing. I have followed that up with hanging out with Miranda watching old movies--basically doing is cloudy, cold, and gloomy and that has probably helped me along with my lazy day.

I will be starting my flamingo painting today. I had a request yesterday to paint more flamingos. Right now I am working on a small flamingo portrait 6" x 6" acrylic on canvas. Check back tomorrow to see if I finished it or continued with my laziness.

Thanks to much for stopping by!


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