Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When bad things happen~~

The shelf in the picture is 7 feet long

All the holes in the wall is where the anchors came out.

When I bought this house in 2003, I was very excited to have a small room off the living room to use as my studio. This enabled me to be close to the children and the activity in the living room, but still be doing my own thing. (You know how your kids want you to be close enough to answer when they say: "Mom", but not hovering .....) I have enjoyed my little room so much, over 350 paintings have been created here and shipped all over the world.

I have been adding supplies, canvas, and art magazines to my shelves in my studio for five years.....who knew it was getting too heavy! I am grateful I was in bed fast asleep and not sitting painting at my table when the shelves came tumbling down. The falling shelves would have definitely left a mark. The steel rail of the shelves impaled the storage bin next to my table which gave me an idea of the force of the shelves falling. No paintings were lost or damaged in the mess. I generally keep the finished paintings tucked away. I did lose all but one of my orchids. They were crushed and the pots shattered under the art magazine collection that was on the bottom shelf when it fell.

Needless to say...I will not be painting until I can find the floor under all the magazines and supplies. There are paint brushes scattered everywhere. I currently have canvas stacked in the hallway and dining room. I know the shelves will not be going back up.....I will have to think of something else~~maybe one of those elaborate closet systems from Lowes.

Hopefully, I will be back up and painting very soon. I will have to avoid the temptation to sit on the floor and look at all the magazines one more time before finding a new place to keep them!

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PastelGuy said...

OMG! I would have heart failure! I guess a catastrophe of epic proportions like that would make me purge and clean...
Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Georgia said...

Wow!!! You were very lucky that it happened when it did!! Did the crashing noise scare you to death when it happened? I had a picture one time fall off the wall in the middle of the night and I almost had a heart attack until I figured out what it was.
As bad as it looks in the picture, I guess we can say that it could have been a lot worse, since no one got hurt and no paintings were damaged.
I wish you a very Happy Holiday season.

Staci Rose said...


Been there, done that...DH had to catch me the other day.

Take it easy!!! Big hugs! :D

Lauren Alexander said...

Oh my! What a mess but thank goodness no paintings were harmed in the making of that catastrophe.

Kay Lybrand said...

I am so glad that you were not in the studio when all the falling started! SOrry to heard about all of the damage, especially the orchids.

I am flattered that you are following my blog. As a novice into this blogging world, learning how to navigate has been hard, but am getting the hang of it finally.

Hope that you get the studio back inorder shortly and it is better than ever.