Monday, December 29, 2008

New Pear Painting! The Golden Pear

The Golden Pear
8" x 10"
Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Available for Purchase

Painting, painting, painting! It is a beautiful Monday, the sun is shinning and it is very warm outside. I should be cleaning up the yard~but, painting is more fun. This is the newest pear painting. I wanted an elegant vintage-type appearance with a muted background. I am very pleased how it turned out. This painting is available for purchase directly from the artist at my gallery at and in my store.

Up next, pink Flamingos! Check back again soon to see how they are coming along.

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Chelsie Brady said...


Thank you for the comment on the portrait of you. I, of course, was interested in knowing a bit about you so I read your bio. I immediately felt a little small in comparison! I am also self taught, but I'm just getting started and haven't been in shows or really even sold much.

I love your paintings! I admire your competence in a wide range of media.

I am glad you like the portrait- now that I know more about you I'm even more nervous! I look forward to seeing your rendition of my wacky photo- I was going for drama :)

-Chelsie Brady said...

It did turn out VERY nice. I particularly like the light on the right side. said...

WOW - went to Chelsie's blog and saw your photo. You are really beautiful. You need to get a better photographer, yours has you looking like a bird.


n. rhodes harper said...

Hi Torrie, Thanks for visiting and signing up to follow my blog. I have signed on to yours as well. I really like your work, the color, the texture and the compositions are wonderful.