Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting Back to Work!

Back in my Studio
I am so excited! The shelves are back up and fully stocked. This time they will not be going anywhere. The shelves are fully anchored into studs~~if the shelves fall now, they will take the wall down with them. I did move the magazine collection off the shelves because of the weight and replaced it with supplies. The top shelf is large canvas and the second shelf is small canvas, watercolor paint, pastels, and watercolor and pastel papers. I had forgotten what a wonderful collection of pastels I have. I am going to have to start using them.

My first painting in my newly re-designed studio was a pear. I wanted to paint something familiar to get back into the swing of things!

The Christmas Pear

This is the first painting from the new and improved studio. I will be posting the painting for sale some time tomorrow. I could not get a very good picture of the painting today~~it was too cloudy and rainy. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine long enough to get a good quality picture of the painting.

I spent the rest of the rainy day finishing up last minute Christmas shopping with Miranda. We had a wonderful time and ended the shopping adventure at Krispy Kreme!

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