Sunday, September 04, 2016

Day Four of the 30 in 30! Avocado with Bell Pepper II


Avocado with Bell Pepper II
5" x  7" 
Acrylic Paint on Canvas Panel

Rolling right along, it has not gotten complicated is a holiday weekend with plenty of time to paint!  It will soon get tricky when I juggle home, work, and painting!  I will have to do a lot of planning to have everything stay on track~

You can see I have been revisiting old compositions, it is always best to start with the familiar when you have been away from painting for while.  Today is a throwback from years ago. I love the bright reds and subtle greens, this is always fun to paint

Avocado with Bell Pepper II was painted using professional artist grade acrylic paint on a museum quality canvas panel with painted sides to allow for display without a frame.  This painting will easily slide into a frame or can be placed on a small display easel.  This painting is currently available for purchase at my store.

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