Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Day Six of the 30 in 30~ Months in the Making!

Porch Water Lilies 
48" x  48"
Acrylic Paint on Cradled Hardboard
~Collection of the Artist~

I painted all day.....just a bit different.  I needed to varnish this large painting to get it out of the dining room! I chose to varnish it with Spar Polyurethane varnish, similar to what is used on boats.  After giving the time needed to allow the paint to completely dry, I researched what varnish would be best to use to protect the painting from the weather.  The location on the front porch where the painting will go does not get direct sun or rain, but the painting will endure temperature change throughout the year.

I laid the painting flat on two buckets to elevated it off the ground and make sure it was level so the varnish would go on smoothly.  I followed the directions on the can and applied three generous coats of varnish, lightly sanding between each coat.  It took all day as I waited two hours between coats and then two hours for it to dry before moving it.  The varnish was amazing!  The underpainting colors came to the surface and the colors in the water were so much better than I expected.  It is now at home on the porch.  The deep blue of the water really looks nice with my pink house.  I might start a trend with my large porch painting ~

Now off to get started on day seven!

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