Saturday, January 19, 2013

On Point IV


On Point IV
5" x 7"
Acrylic Paint on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I'm back!!  Finally back in the studio and playing catch up with the 30 in 30.  This painting is posted as #18.  I have to catch up with painting 14-17 as I missed those.  I will post these paintings as soon as they are completed, but they will not included on Leslie's blog as I missed the deadline.  

I fell Tuesday~ one of those nasty old lady falls that leave a mark.  I hit the wall with my face on the way down and the headache has just now subsided.  I might need to invest in one of those "I have fallen" buttons.  My granddaughter was with me and it was really funny.  I am laying on the floor dazed and she is looking down at me saying "It be alright GaGa - you okay?"  Yes, it was hard not to cuss and cry, but I didn't want to give her an even bigger story to go home and tell her mother....."Mommy, GaGa fell down and cried and said the bad words" --yepper, we couldn't have that~

On Point IV is #18 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days with Leslie Saeta. 

On Point IV was painted using professional artist grade acrylic paint on a museum quality gallery wrapped canvas with painted sides to allow for hanging without a frame.  Painting can also be placed on a small easel for display.

This painting has sold.

Up next~ Ballerinas!  I will be painting a series of ballerinas.  These will all be 8" x 10" and larger.  There will be other small paintings in between for the non-ballerina fans~

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